Request for Comment on DRAFT Proposed New Bulletin B-5.XX Concerning the Communication of Certain Limits of Liability by Homeowners' Insurance Companies to Policyholders that Experienced a Loss Resulting from the Boulder County Fires

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The Division is seeking informal comments on the following DRAFT proposed new bulletin:

The December 30, 2021 Marshall and Middle Fork Fires (“Boulder County Fires”) were the most devastating fires in Colorado history. More than 1,000 residential structures were destroyed resulting in a significant number of total loss claims. 

The purpose of this bulletin is to inform insurance carriers and affected consumers of the Division of Insurance’s position concerning the communication of certain limits of liability for policyholders who experienced a loss claim resulting from the Boulder County Fires.

The Division is requesting informal comments be submitted to no later than 12 PM, January 28, 2022.

This draft regulation, as well as other draft regulations currently released for informal public comment, can be found on our page for Draft Regulations and Bulletins for Informal Comments. 

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