Colorado Insurance Regulations


Regulations (Rules) interpret but do not exceed the scope of the more general statutes passed by the Colorado General Assembly.

Pursuant to state statute, the DOI is often required to promulgate rules as part of its regulatory activities.  By design, the DOI’s process of reviewing, amending and adopting rules and regulations is public and transparent. Comments received from stakeholders are considered throughout the duration of the entire process, including during the rule making process that rulemaking agencies must follow pursuant to the State Administrative Procedure Act.  

Division of Insurance (DOI) Protocol for Engaging Stakeholders in Rule-Making

The Colorado Division of Insurance maintains the current versions of insurance regulations as well as information concerning rule-making on this website. However, the Colorado Division of Insurance acknowledges the Code of Colorado Regulations and the Colorado Register as the sole official publications for rules, regulations, notices of rule-making, and proposed rules pursuant to § 24-4-103(11)(a), C.R.S.

Code of Colorado Regulations and the Colorado Register

Colorado Insurance Regulations

Regulations are listed in the table below categorized using the following section headings.

  • 1-1 Administrative Procedures, 1-2 Licensing Requirements and Rules for Producers
  • 2 Corporate Procedures
  • 3-1 Financial Issues (General), 3-2 Securities, 3-3 Reinsurance, 3-4 Holding Companies, 3-5 Title Insurance
  • 4-1 Life Insurance, 4-2 Accident and Health (General), 4-3 Medicare, 4-4 Long Term Care, 4-6 Group Health Insurance, Small Group Health Plans, 4-7 Health Maintenance Organizations, 4-9 Credit Insurance
  • 5-1 Property and Casualty Insurance, 5-2 Automobile Insurance, 5-3 Workers' Compensation Insurance
  • 6-1 Unfair Trade Practices, 6-2 Complaint Record Maintenance, 6-3 Market Regulation, 6-4 Confidentiality Provisions, 6-5 Fraud
  • 7-1 Bail Registrants
  • 8 Title Insurance
  • 9 Prescription Drug Affordability Board
  • 10 Unfair Discrimination

The table below lists the current regulations in effect. To view and comment on draft regulations under review by the Division, visit our page for DRAFT Regulations & Bulletins for Informal Public Comment.

DRAFT Regulations & Bulletins for Informal Public Comment

For more information or questions about the Division's Regulations, please email DORA_Ins_RulesandRecords@state.co.us.​