List of Company Surveys

Do you want to ensure that the right person at your company is being notified of all the surveys being conducted by the Division of Insurance? Then please update your company "Market Conduct Contact" information on file with the NAIC. This address may be updated by including it with the submission of the electronic version of the Jurat page with any annual or quarterly financial filings to the NAIC. The Market Conduct Contact is the Division's primary point of contact for survey notifications.

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Active Surveys and Associated Deadlines

2023 Colorado Health Cost Survey

The Colorado Health Cost Report is required for those companies with written health premium in Colorado Pursuant to § 10-16-111(4)(a), C.R.S., Colorado Regulation 4-2-31, and Bulletin 4.58. Email will be sent to the Market Conduct Contacts on file with the NAIC for the top cumulative 95% of the major medical market as determined using the Supplemental Health Exhibit Part 1. 

Companies will be notified by Email, and a comprehensive list will be published here once final in mid-to-late April.

If your company must respond, the Excel spreadsheet below should be downloaded, fully completed and returned to the Division at The FAQ is included on the first tab of the Excel document.  Note that an electronic copy of the companies Supplemental Compensation Exhibit and list of their intermediaries must be included on the appropriate tabs. No submissions will be accepted before May 1, 2023.

The survey is due June 1, 2023. 

Colorado Health Cost Survey 2023 (Excel Spreadsheet)

List of Required Respondents

Colorado Medicare Supplement Survey

The Colorado Division of Insurance (Division) is conducting a survey to obtain the most current information on Medicare supplement plans available in the state.  This information will be used in a publication that will be available to Colorado consumers at the Division of Insurance or via the Division’s website.  All companies authorized to write Medicare supplement insurance in the state of Colorado must complete this survey request.

This survey is due May 1, 2023.

2023 Colorado Medicare Supplement Survey (via Survey Monkey)