Cannabis Business Insurance


Cannabis Business Insurance


Colorado DOI Cannabis Business Insurance Forum - Spring 2021

Session 1, April 19, 2021: How is cannabis regulated in Colorado?

Presentation - from Dominique Mendiola, Deputy Director, Marijuana Enforcement Division, Colorado Department of Revenue

Session 2, May 3, 2021: Data - Who has it and who needs it?

Presentation - from Kyle Lambert, Deputy Director, Analysis, Planning, & Investigations, Marijuana Enforcement Division, Colorado Department of Revenue

Presentation - from Hollis Glenn, Director of Inspection and Consumer Services, Colorado Department of Agriculture

Session 3, May 17, 2021: Cannabis Industry Insurance - Who's offering it and who's interested?

Presentation - from Rebecca Laurie, Stakeholder & Innovations Strategist, Divisions of Banking and Financial Services, Dept. of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) 

Presentation - from Brenda Wells, Ph.D., Director of the Risk Management and Insurance Program at East Carolina University, and Joseph Lam, Senior Director of Commercial Multi-Perils Product Development at Verisk Analytics

Session 4, June 7, 2021: Moving to the Future

Presentation - from J.B. Woods, Greenpoint Insurance Advisors, LLC