For Insurance Companies

For Insurance Companies

This page contains specific information about how to serve an insurance carrier or producer through the Division, as well as a monthly updated list of registered agents for active insurance companies, 


Colorado Revised Statute 10-3-702 and Colorado Regulation 3-3-3 provide for Certified Reinsurers and  Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurers. 

Both types of reinsurers may be reported as authorized reinsurers by Colorado domestic insurers. 

Changes made using this address maintenance service will automatically update the official address record for your company at the Colorado Division of Insurance. Only certain address types can be changed using this service.

On the next screen, to log on, please enter the company's five-digit NAIC ID and eight-digit PIN the Division of Insurance assigned your company.

The Colorado Division of Insurance On-Line Complaints Reconciliation Tool allows insurance companies to reconcile complaints received by the  Division. Complaints can be reviewed and reconciled at any time during the current calendar year until January 31 of the following year. For additional information please see Bulletin B-1.13 On-line Complaint Verification (Reconciliation).