Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise

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EXTENDED: Please see our procurement notices for more details. Proposals due by 5:00pm on September 13th, 2023. 

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Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise

The Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise law is designed to address the affordability of health insurance for Coloradans purchasing coverage on the individual market and expand subsidies for those not eligible under the ACA. It establishes an enterprise to administer a health insurance affordability fee assessed on health insurers and hospitals to fund measures to reduce consumer costs for individual health coverage plans. The enterprise is governed by a 11-member board, with 9 members appointed by the Governor (with the consent of the State Senate).

Upcoming Meetings

Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise Board Meeting

                                                                                    Board Meeting Materials

Annual 1332 Waiver Public Forum 

November 15, 2023 - 12:00-1:00pm 

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Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise Board Members

  • Rich Cimino, Consumer
  • Michael Conway, Colorado Division of Insurance 
  • Stephanie Einfeld, Primary Care 
  • Rebecca Gillett, Consumer 
  • Shannon Groves, Health Insurance Carrier
  • Rayna Hetlage, Board Chair, Advocate
  • Karla Gonzales Garcia, Board Secretary, Consumer
  • Kevin Patterson, Board Vice-Chair, Connect for Health Colorado
  • Linda Thorpe, Hospital 
  • Todd Young, Business
  • Saskia Young, Representative of Statewide Association of Health Benefit Plans

To apply to the Health Insurance Affordability Board go to the Application for Board / Commission for State of Colorado - select "Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise" from the drop-down menu for "Which Boards and Commissions are you interested in?"

Questions about the procurement process used for the Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise should be directed to Laura Mortimer (Laura.Mortimer@state.co.us).

Note: All solicitations with or on behalf of Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise are not subject to Colorado Procurement Code, including Article 109 (Remedies).

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Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise Programs


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