Reports from the Division of Insurance

Colorado Hospital Price Report 

In 2019, this report began to use data from the Colorado All Payer Claim Database. The Colorado Division of Insurance is required to publish hospital prices and carrier reimbursement information.

Colorado Hospital Price Reports

Complaints Against Insurers

Annual reports on the number, nature and outcome of complaints against insurers.  Focused on health, life, property and casualty insurance. 

Complaints Against Insurers

Financial Examination Reports

The Colorado Division of Insurance conducts financial examinations to protect consumers by ensuring the financial solvency of insurers authorized or registered to conduct business in Colorado.

Financial Examinations Reports

Health Insurance Reports

The Division issues a number of reports about health insurance, including reports on:  the costs of health insurance, mental health parity, excess loss (reinsurance for self-funded employer plans) and provider networks.

Health Insurance Reports

Insurance Complaint Ratio and Complaint Index Information

The Complaint Ratio and Complaint Index illustrate the number of overall complaints received by the Division of Insurance.

Insurance Compliant Ratio and Compliant Index Information Reports

Insurance Industry Statistical Reports

Financial status and market share of companies selling insurance in Colorado.

Colorado Insurance Industry Statistical Reports

Market Conduct Examination Reports

The Colorado Division of Insurance conducts market conduct examinations of insurance companies to ensure the companies are in compliance with statutes and regulations, and where possible, uses the NAIC Market Regulation Handbook.

Market Conduct Examinations Reports

Mental Health Parity Reports

Mental Health Parity & Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) Reports

Premium Comparison Reports for Auto / Homeowners Insurance

Allows you to compare auto and homeowners insurance rates in Colorado.

Premium Comparison Reports for Auto/Homeowners Insurance

Rate Filing Summary (Requirement of HB07-1234)

Allows consumers to obtain information on current insurance rates.

Rate Filing Summary (Requirement of HB07-1234)

Title Insurance Reports

Reports enforcement, market trends and real estate transactions in Colorado title insurance industry.

Title Insurance Reports

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Reports

Reports on Loss Cost by Individual Class Code.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Reports