For Producers / Agents

For Producers / Agents 

Apply for and Renew Licenses


Licensees and potential licensees can use either service listed - Sircon/Vertifore or NIPR - to apply for or renew their licenses.

Public Adjuster License Applicants

Pursuant to §10-2-417(2), C.R.S. and Colorado Insurance Regulation 1-2-19, you must provide a $20,000 signed Surety Bond from an insurance company and a Power of Attorney in the format defined in the regulation above. Your signed Surety Bond and Power of Attorney should be attached electronically in Sircon after submission of your application. Mailing or failing to attach the Surety Bond and the Power of Attorney may delay the processing of your application.

The Producer Advisory Council was established to represent a licensed producer prospective on producer, client issues and problems involving the insurance industry. The mission of the council is to discuss and share information on insurance issues.