Regulations Adopted But Not Yet Effective

Regulations Adopted but not Yet Effective have been through the public hearing process and have been adopted by the Insurance Commissioner but are not yet effective.

May 30, 2022

Amended Regulation 2-5-1 - Consumer Goods Service Contract Provider Registration

Amended Regulation 4-2-10 - Filing Requirements for Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAS)

Amended Regulation 4-2-27 - Procedures for Reasonable Modifications to Individual and Small Group Health Benefits Plans and Pediatric Stand-Alone Dental Plans Compliant with the Affordable Care Act

Amended Regulation 4-2-51 - Carrier Discontinuance or Market Exit of Health Benefit Plans or Student Health Insurance Coverage Policies

Amended Regulation 4-2-63 - Concerning Meaningful Difference Standards for Health Benefit Plans

Regulation 4-2-82 - Concerning Carrier Notices to Policyholders for Reasonable Modifications, Discontinuances, Market Exits and Carrier Renewal for Off-Exchange Plans

Amended Regulation 4-6-8 - Concerning Small Employer Group Health Benefit Plans

June 14, 2022

Amended Regulation 4-2-40 Concerning the Elements of Certification for Certain Limited Benefit Health Plans, Credit Life and Health, Preneed Funeral Contracts, Excess/Stop-Loss Insurance Forms, Sickness and Accident Insurance, and Other Limited Benefit Plans

Regulation 4-2-83 Concerning Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise Subsidies for Qualified Individuals through Premium Wrap and Cost Sharing Reduction Enhancements on the Colorado Option Silver Plan

Regulation 4-2-84 Concerning the Special Assessment on Hospitals for the Colorado Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise

Regulation 4-2-85 Concerning the Methodology for Calculating Premium Rate Reductions for Colorado Option Standardized Health Benefit Plans

Regulation 4-2-86 Concerning the Methodology for Calculating the Healthcare Coverage Cooperative Exemption for the Colorado Option Standardized Health Benefit Plans and Premium Rate Reduction Requirement

June 30, 2022

Regulation 4-2-81 Concerning Colorado Option Standardized Health Benefit Plan - REVISED 5/12/22

Amended Regulation 4-2-42 Concerning Essential Health Benefits

July 15, 2022

Amended Regulation 4-9-2 Credit Insurance for Life, Accident and Health, and Property and Casualty