Apply to be an Arbitrator for the Out-of-Network Arbitration Program

All arbitrators participating in the arbitration program must apply to the Commissioner for inclusion and are reviewed by the Division to ensure they meet the necessary qualifications and requirements. The arbitrator appointed by the Commissioner must:

  • Be independent, not affiliated with a carrier, health care facility, or provider, or any professional association of carriers, health care facilities, or providers;
  • Not have a personal, professional, or financial conflict with any parties to the arbitration;
  • Demonstrate experience with health care billing and reimbursement rates;
  • Demonstrate completion of arbitration training;
  • Demonstrate that they are in good standing with a state agency that regulates attorneys in a state in which they practice; and
  • Provide an expense and fee schedule for what they will charge to complete an arbitration.

Apply HERE to become an Arbitrator for the Out-of-Network Arbitration Program

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Division at