Consumer Advisory: Division of Insurance Offers Advice to Marshall Fire Survivors Running Out of Living Expenses Coverage

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Vincent Plymell

Additional Living Expenses (ALE) could expire after 12 months.

DENVER - We are nearing the one-year anniversary of the Marshall Fire. While progress continues for many impacted by the fire, rebuilding is just starting to get underway. This means that as homes are still far from completion and as we approach 12 months since the fire, the additional living expenses (ALE) that many people have received from their homeowners’ insurance could be set to expire.

October is the time to ask about this with your insurance company. The best course of action at this time is for people to advocate for themselves, as homeowners know their own situations best. 

Asking for an ALE Extension

  • First, people should check their policies (or check with their insurance agent or company) to determine if there is one or two years of ALE coverage. 
  • If people have a rebuilding contract in place, or the process has begun, contact the insurance company or adjuster and ask for a specific length of time for an extension of ALE (e.g., through May 2023). 
  • If people believe their insurance company has delayed any part of their claim - for example the company didn’t do anything with a rebuild estimate for months - they can request that additional amount of time as an extension of their ALE benefits. 
  • Ultimately, people can also file a complaint with the Division of Insurance about the ALE process with their insurance company. While the DOI cannot require the company to provide an extension, we can dig into the information to help determine if the company somehow delayed the process. 

Contact the Colorado Division of Insurance Consumer Services Team at 303-894-7490 / / (click on “File a Complaint”). 


About the Division of Insurance:

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