Peak Health Alliance finds new health insurance partner in Denver Health

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Vincent Plymell

Insurance Commissioner Conway: “A positive step forward for the communities served by the Alliance.”

DENVER - Today, the Peak Health Alliance announced that it has forged a relationship with a new partner, Denver Health Medical Plan (DHMP), to be its new insurance carrier, with a plan to again offer health insurance plans for 2024. 

“I am pleased to see this development, as it is a positive step forward not just for the Peak Health Alliance and Denver Health, but for the communities served by the Alliance. We worked closely with this group and the leaders in Summit County to help get their innovative program up and running back in 2020,” said Colorado Insurance Commissioner Michael Conway. “Because the core strength of the Alliance is working with providers and business and community leaders, this partnership means the Peak Health Alliance can continue to work towards offering its constituents quality health plans at reasonable prices.”

The Peak Health Alliance is an alliance that brings together the individual health insurance market (people who do not get their insurance from an employer), the small group market (small employers up to 100 employees) and the large group market to negotiate prices with hospitals and doctors directly, rather than having insurance companies negotiate on their behalf. This community purchasing model allows a community to work together as one voice to bring down the costs of health care.

Denver Health Medical Plan is a nonprofit health plan created in 1997 to provide quality, accessible and affordable health care services in the Denver area. DHMP currently provides health insurance for 27,000 members in the Denver area, and is part of the larger Denver Health and Hospital Authority system. More information about DHMP can be found at


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