Marshall Fire Response


Marshall Fire and Straight Line Winds Response


In the aftermath of the fires in Boulder County, people need information about insurance - how to contact their company/agent, how to file claims, how the processes will work. The Division of Insurance is here to answer people's insurance questions and help to get them on the road to recovery.

Division of Insurance Consumer Services Team: 303-894-7490 / 800-930-3745 /

Federal and State Assistance Overview


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Division of Insurance Meetings & Town Halls

Information about upcoming Town Hall or other meetings will be posted on this website, and will also be listed on the Division's Newsroom & Announcements page. You can sign up to receive notifications of upcoming Town Halls by signing up on the Division's Sign-Up for Division of Insurance Email Lists webpage and selecting the "Division of Insurance Marshall Fire" list.

SB22-206 Stakeholder Meeting - Oct. 21, 2022
Town Hall - June 2, 2022 - Underinsurance Discussion, Part 2
Town Hall - May 19, 2022 - Underinsurance Discussion, Part 1

The Division reviewed the initial underinsurance analysis released on April 26, 2022. Three building companies rebuilding in Boulder County also presented, as did a representative from the U.S. Small Business Administration to discuss SBA loans. Materials from this meeting, including recordings of the meeting in English and in Spanish, are available below.

Town Hall - January 19, 2022

The Division held a second Insurance Town Hall on January 19, 2022, which focused on partial losses for homes that were not destroyed, but that still may have suffered external and internal damage to the building as well as personal property, including damage from smoke, soot and ash. Materials from this meeting, including a recording, are available at the following links.

Town Hall - January 4, 2022

The Division held the first Insurance Town Hall on January 4, 2022, to provide information and answer questions regarding insurance and insurance companies, related to the Boulder County fires. Materials from this meeting, including a recording, are available at the following links:


Frequently Asked Questions and Policyholder Guidance

The Division is also releasing a series of Frequently Asked Questions regarding insurance and insurance companies, as they related to the Marshall Fire and Straight Line Winds response. These FAQs and guidance have been developed based on questions the Division received during Insurance Town Halls on January 4 and January 19, 2022, as well as questions Division staff received at the Disaster Assistance Center. This section will updated as new topics are released.


The Colorado Division of Insurance continues to develop policies, information and resources for insurance consumers and the insurance industry in response to the Boulder County fires.


Consumer Information
Consumer Advisories and Fraud Alerts

Marshall Fire Advisories:

In the wake of disasters like the devastating Marshall Fire, scammers prey on hopes and fears. Click the links below to learn how you can protect yourself from disaster fraud and scams.

State, Federal and Other Information Resources
Key Insurance Actions
  • Safety - Stay safe and follow all safety measures from authorities. Do not try to assess damage, take photos, or make repairs if it is not safe to do so. 
  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible.
    • Request a complete copy of your policy. The insurance company must provide it to you within 3 days.
    • File a claim - Report your claim as soon as possible to your insurer. 
    • If your home is a total loss, your insurance company should provide you with 30% of the contents coverage listed on your policy without requiring documentation. 
  • Document the damage - Only if it is safe to do so, document the damage with photos and video.
    • Photos and video will help establish your claim.
  • Mitigate further damage - If possible and it is safe to do so, take action to protect your property from further damage - for example damage due to snow or freezing temperatures. 
Filing a Claim
  • Call your insurance company or your agent to file a claim Be ready to answer any questions about the damage
  • Keep a record of everyone you talked to at your company and what they told you
  • Ask what damage is covered, how much coverage you have, and what your deductible is
  • Ask about an advance payment if you need help quickly
  • Ask about living expenses. Most policies will cover some of your costs if you are unable to live in your home because of damage that is covered by your insurance. Keep receipts for these costs
  • If you have an auto policy with comprehensive coverage, call your company to report any damages to the vehicle. Without comprehensive coverage your company will not cover wind, flood, fire or storm related damage.

Post-Disaster Claims Guide